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Indian Hindu Astrologer - Jyotish Vachaspathi R.G.Krishnan

Over 50 years Experience

Casting of Horoscopes and Predictions/Readings ( 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, Lifetime, Specific Questions ), Horoscope Compatibility, Correspondence Courses, Books and E-Books.

Consult Internationally renowned Astrologer (of Hindu Astrology) on all matters. He can guide you regarding scholastic career, professional career and business dealings. He can also guide you on relationships compatibility. He has excellent references from clients from all walks of life in USA. He has been awarded several honorary degrees by prestigious astrological bodies in India and the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences recently conferred on him the title of Jyotish Bhanu .Other titles include Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vacchaspati and Jyotish Mahamahopadyaya. The American Federation of Astrologers conferred on him an award of Outstanding teacher in Vedic Astrology. He was a featured speaker in several international astrological symposiums, held in the past, conducted by the American Federation of Astrologers and also the American Council of Vedic Astrology.


Indian Hindu/Vedic Astrology - Jyotish Vachaspathi R.G.Krishnan

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Who is Jyotish Krishnan ?

Jyotish R.G.Krishnan is a reputed Astrologer who practices Hindu Astrology. He has been a student of Hindu Astrology from his early childhood and was initiated into this holistic science by his Guru, the late Raja Iyer, a renowned practitioner of Hindu Astrology from yesteryears. He has more than 50 years of professional experience and his clients include many eminent persons from all walks of life. He has presented numerous papers at Astrological Conventions in India, and the United States. He has served as the Chairman, Bombay Chapter of the Indian Council of Astrological Sciences and as the Vice President of the All India Astrologers Federation.

Honorary Degrees Conferred:

* Jyotish Mahamahopadhyaya - Great Master of Hindu Astrology.

* Jyotish Bhaskar - Pandit of Hindu Astrology.

* Jyotish Shiromani - Learned practitioner of Hindu Astrology.

* Jyotish Kovid - Experienced practitioner of Hindu Astrology

* Samhita Shiromani - Intuitive practitioner of Hindu Astrology.

* Jyotish Vachaspathi - Highly Learned practitioner of Hindu Astrology.

* Varahamihira Medal of Appreciation.(One of Hindu Astrology's great Astrologers was Varahamihira, who live around 1500 years ago.)

* Outstanding Teacher in Vedic Astrology by American Federation of Astrologers.

What have his clients to say about him ?

Mary Margaret Thomas, A Doctor of Chiropractic from Oakland, CA says: "We have benefited greatly through our contact with Jyotish Krishnan. His insights into our charts have proved to be very accurate and helpful. We feel he is very much a protective factor in our lives. Apart from being a wonderful person, he has always been there for us when we needed his expert advice"

Frank Greenhalgh, A Computer Executive from Long Island, NY, says: "Jyotish Krishnan is a Great Scholar who also comes across as a person of great warmth and understanding. Our lives have been considerably enriched by his guidance." 

Amarpreet Uppal, A Businessman from NY, says: "The sonogram results are in and it is a baby boy. Your predictions have been accurate. I don't know how to thank you for your guidance and help during these last few weeks. And especially your prayers done on our behalf have been answered." 

Manoj Patel, A Software Engineer from USA, says: I got a job.I have two offers.Your predictions are correct.Thanking you for your kind advice.My gajkesari yoga is going to give full effects. Thanking you "" 

A Roster of Important Clients:

* Morarji Desai, Former Prime Minister of India.

* Ashok Singhal, Top Executive, Orkay Industries.

* Anup Jalota, Famous Bhajan and Ghazal singer.

* Purushottam Das Jalota, Famous Singer and Father of Anup Jalota.

* Vijayendra Ghatge, Noted Film and Television Star.

* M.V.Basrur, Former Chairman, Indian Railway Board.

* M.C.Venkatram, Former G.M, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam (Bombay).

* Arthur Gladstone, President, Nutrilab, Chicago, Illinois.

* Kirit Chinai, Businessman, San Francisco, CA.

* Amal Sami, Famous Egyptian Belly Dancer.

* Jonathan Meyer, Accounting Executive, El Cerrito, CA.